The 5 Best Mascaras for Volume, Length, and Curl

If there is one cosmetic item that every woman should have in their purse, it is mascara. Mascara can be that special touch that makes your eyes pop, or helps camouflage that no-sleep look after a restless night. Mascara is truly the beauty pick-me-up that can make an enormous difference.

Because mascara can help change your look and improve your appearance when you need a little extra touch, it’s important to choose one that will provide you with the results that you are searching for. While you can buy any mascara at the store and hope that it gives you the curl and volume you want, it’s beneficial for you to do some research before purchasing to ensure you end up with the look you desire.

The best mascara provides lashes with the perfect balance of volume, length and curl, giving your eyes the wow factor that catches people’s attention.

The Top Mascaras on the Market

To help you find the mascara that will be the perfect addition to your go-to beauty products, we have compiled the best five mascaras on the market today.

they’re Real! by Benefit

Benefit is a well-known brand that makes quality makeup products and this mascara is no different. It offers incredible length, even for women who have very sparse eyelashes, and it doesn’t leave clumps. At a price of around $30.00, it offers top quality for a slightly higher expense.

It’s a great alternative for women who want or depend on eyelash extensions, as it does a wonderful job at enhancing eyelashes as the brand promises. It would be a great staple for your makeup bag due to its fair price, excellent quality, and durability.

Before buying, consider that the mascara bottle doesn’t contain a large amount of mascara, so be prepared to need to buy it on a semi-regular basis. But, the good news is that it is always best to only use your mascara for a short amount of time anyway. You should be swapping out your mascara for a new one every couple of months.

The Falsies Push Up Angel by Maybelline

Maybelline is a brand that you know, and perhaps, love. If you don’t, this mascara may change your mind. The name is fitting, because the look that you get from this mascara is akin to fake eyelashes, but the good news is that it will be “all you” – with a little help from Maybelline, of course.

The brush is long with a slight curve, so it offers that lengthening curl that so many woman desire from their mascara. The brush is the best shape for the type of flirty, long, and thick look that many women want out of their mascara.

At around only $6.00, it is the perfect low-priced mascara for that beauty extra that you can depend on at any given moment. Even at such a low price, it is a quality mascara for being a super-market buy. If you don’t want to spend over $20.00 on your makeup items, this could be the best mascara to meet your needs.

Hypnose by Lancome

In the world of beauty and makeup, this mascara is a must-have. It offers both curling and lengthening affects at an affordable price of around $25.00. It doesn’t get clumpy and offers the bold, dark texture and color that are so desirable in many mascaras. It’s also waterproof, which means that you can go ahead and tear up at the movies or kiss in the rain without worrying about making a mess.

The shape of the Hypnose brush is an S, which provides you with unique and curly eyelashes that will open your eyes for the world to see. For women who have naturally straight eyelashes and who want a curl, it works wonders. It’s easy to remove as well, with only a little bit of makeup remover needed. It works great for anyone who wants full, thick, and long eyelashes.

It isn’t the most crucial factor when looking at mascaras, but it’s worth mentioning that Hypnose doesn’t have that odd odor that is often found in mascaras. In fact, the unique smell is a highlight of the mascara.

Flutter-to-Full by Clinique

There aren’t many mascaras that can provide you with the option of going light or full, but Flutter-to-Full by Clinique offers woman a chance at switching up their look. It works great for that long, full, and thick look that you want for a night out, yet you can also wear it light for Sunday brunch.

It’s highly easy to use and it provides the perfect curl for a flirty look. It is also very easy to remove with warm water, and doesn’t leave clumps.

It stays on throughout the day and is an affordable option at around $21.00. Because of its versatility and functionality, it is a must-have for your makeup bag. It is the perfect mascara for anyone who wants to make sure they always have the perfect look for any occasion.

Lashblast Length by Cover Girl

The Lashblast Length mascara by Cover Girl has a long brush which helps to provide your eyelashes with the length that you seek. This mascara works wonders for women who want to add more length to their eyelashes to get that long and beautiful look.

However, It may not be the one for you if you are looking for extreme volume from your mascara. Lashblast Length by Cover Girl focuses more on length, as the name suggests, than thickness, but it still provides you with average volume.

While it may be labeled a “supermarket find,” this factor doesn’t take away from its durability and functionality as a perfect go-to mascara to keep in your purse. At only around $8.00, it offers both quality and affordability.

How to Know Which One is for You

When looking for a mascara, there are things to consider to make sure you get the one that works best for you. Some mascaras are better at enhancing volume, some length, some curl. There are even mascaras that boast the ability to positively affect all three components.

If you want that longer or curlier look, you may want to pick one with a long brush that has a slight curve. The shape of the brush helps to ensure that when you apply the mascara, it will provide you with that long flirtatious volume you want.

This list should help provide you with some options to choose from, with each one providing distinctive features that will offer you the results that you are looking for.